Abandoned Missile Silo Transformed Into Home For $900,000

When Bruce Townsley heard that anyone who had enough money could buy a nuclear missile silo for themselves on a TV show in the mid 80′s, he just wanted to have his “20th century castle”. Bruce tracked down the real estate agent who was selling the property, Ed Peden, and bought it off for $900,000 in 1997 (30 years after the silo had been shut down).

Bruce turned the silo into a coolest living pad ever!


The missile silo back when it was still operational

silo_house (17) silo_house (16) silo_house (15)

The solar panels on the surface are the only sign that someone lives in the isolated area

silo_house (14)

There is still much of the silo which has remain untouched, but Bruce hopes to renovate all of it someday

silo_house (13) silo_house (12) silo_house (11) silo_house (10)

Once inside the living quarters, people might forget they are in an abandoned missile silo

silo_house (8) silo_house (7) silo_house (6)

The silo has all the comforts of home

silo_house (5)

The main entrance is through the 185 -foot hole that is blocked by two heavy doors, where the missile used to be

silo_house (4)

From the surface, you can’t tell the wondrous residence that lies beneath

silo_house (3) silo_house (2)

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