Adam Savage Talks About an Original X-Wing Model Created For STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE

Original X-Wing Model

Check out this amazing new video from Tested for you to watch today and it’s one that Star Wars fans are going to love! Adam Savage visits the Prop Store where he completely geeks out over a rare original X-Wing model starfighter from George Lucas’ original Star Wars movie, A New Hope.

They define this model as the “holy grail” of Star Wars models and the video shows an up-close look at it! This is one of the few surviving X-Wing miniatures from the making of Star Wars: Episode IV. “Inspecting the paint finish and preserved surface of this gorgeous filming miniature is like a looking into the early days of the ILM model shop, with every detail revealing firsthand the care and attention that went into the first Star Wars movie.”

Watch the video and geek out with Adam as he looks it over and gets to know some fun details about it as well! This may be the only X-Wing model that still exists from the first movie.

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