Amazing New Trailer for George Clooney’s Sports Drama THE BOYS IN THE BOAT


MGM Studios has unveiled an exciting new preview for George Clooney’s upcoming sports drama, The Boys in the Boat. Despite my limited knowledge of rowing and a general lack of interest in the sport, there’s something universally appealing about the triumph of underdogs in inspirational sports stories that always grabs my attention. This particular film seems poised to deliver just that—a compelling narrative of resilience and success.

Adapted from Daniel James Brown’s NY Times bestselling non-fiction novel, the movie chronicles the journey of the 1936 University of Washington rowing team as they vied for gold at the Summer Olympics in Berlin. Picture a group of underdogs thrust into the limelight during the Great Depression, taking on elite rivals from across the globe—a true tale of inspiration.

Clooney, both director and storyteller, sheds light on the unique challenges faced by the team, emphasizing, “The stakes were much higher for them… and it gave them an edge. That you can pull yourself up from nothing and succeed.” It’s a sentiment that resonates deeply, especially against the backdrop of a tumultuous era.

In an industry saturated with diverse themes, it’s refreshing to see a sports movie with a historical underpinning and a focus on the human spirit. Clooney’s dedication to bringing this narrative to the screen is commendable, especially considering the scarcity of such projects in recent times.

The cast, led by Joel Edgerton and Callum Turner, promises to bring the characters to life with Jack Mulhern, Sam Strike, Peter Guinness, Alec Newman, Luke Slattery, Thomas Elms, Tom Varey, and Bruce Herbelin-Earle rounding out the ensemble. Their collective talent, under Clooney’s direction, adds another layer of anticipation to what could be a memorable cinematic experience.

Mark your calendars for December 25th, 2023, when MGM will debut The Boys in the Boat in theaters—a timely holiday treat and an opportunity to witness a tale of triumph that transcends time and resonates with the essence of human resilience.

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