Amazing Video Footage of Daily Life in Paris in the 1890s

Paris in the 1890s

In this unbelievable archival footage taken by the Lumière company, production artist Guy Jones has speed correct and added sound, giving the high-quality footage new life and upload it online for us to watch.

Watch the video below. it is a collection of high quality remastered prints from the dawn of film taken in Belle Époque-era Paris, France from 1896-1900.

0:08 – Notre-Dame Cathedral (1896)
0:58 – Alma Bridge (1900)
1:37 – Avenue des Champs-Élysées (1899)
2:33 – Place de la Concorde (1897)
3:24 – Passing of a fire brigade (1897)
3:58 – Tuileries Garden (1896)
4:48 – Moving walkway at the Paris Exposition (1900)
5:24 – The Eiffel Tower from the Rives de la Seine à Paris (1897)

If you like Guy Jones’ work head to his GoFundMe page here.

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