An Awesome World Map That Tell Literal Translation of Every Country Name In the World

World Map

The Literal Translation of Country Names is an exceptionally researched map designed by Neomam, which plots the etymological roots of every country name in the world. Pulling from sources such as The CIA Factbook and Oxford University Press, the map gives insight into the meaning behind each name.

Europe has a long history of exploration, and many of the country names reflect the lands and those who explored them. …Africa is known as the cradle of civilisation – the place where all human life stems from. Its country names reveal a history of indigenous cultures and colonisation. … Asia …rich diversity of culture and history is reflected in its country names. …North American country names tell a story of European colonisation. …South America has some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. It’s also home to the world’s largest river: the Amazon. …Oceania may be the smallest continent, but its diverse landscapes – from tropical rainforest to volcanoes to grasslands – have fascinated people for centuries.

CC Map Africa

CC Map Oceana

CC Map North America

CC Map South America

CC Map Asia

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