An Incredibly Cool, Ultra Modern Little Home

Modern Little Home

Bryce Langston of the wonderful series Living Big in a Tiny House toured with Lisa and Matt Hobbs, a couple who met online, fell in love and built an amazingly sleek, ultra-modern tiny home in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. The home itself is very secluded due to a brush fire that swept through the area. The home itself is long, lean and features new appliances, a fantastic kitchen, lots of overhead light and spacious, well-decorated space for the couple and their pets.

Stepping inside, the home is something to behold. It’s a bit taller than a normal home on wheels and this does mean it would require additional permits should it ever need to be relocated to a different property. The extra height in the home really adds a tremendous sense of space and liability though. The tiny home has everything that you would expect, albeit all finished and decorated to a tremendously high standard.


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