An Inside Look at the World’s Only Private Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

At the Dubai Air Show 2017, aviation blogger Sam Chui get an inside look at the world’s biggest, ultra luxurious, and only privately owned Boeing 787 Dreamliner jumbo jet. Deer Jet’s remodeled “Dream Jet” features a huge main lounge area, dining spaces, a gorgeous master bedroom with a 42-inch television, a dressing room, and a spacious bathroom that comes finished with a shower.

Deer Jet and UAS concluded a partnership deal in December 2016 when UAS became the flight support partner for the impressive fleet of 90 aircraft that Deer Jet operates and manages. The alliance has significantly enhanced both companies’ capabilities and is accelerating strategic goals to revolutionize international business flight and user experience. (read more)

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