Andrea Bocelli and His Daughter Sang a Heartwarming Rendition of “Hallelujah”

Andrea Bocelli and His Daughter

On Easter Sunday, Andrea Bocelli was at Duomo Cathedral to perform a “prayer” for the world amid the pandemic. It was exactly what people needed during such a grim time: The opera singer’s Easter concert got 28 million views in just 24 hours.

And now, a lot of folks around the world are spending the holidays away from family or mourning the loss of loved ones, he believes his music can bring a feeling of “optimism and hope” to those who need it most. On Saturday, December 12, Bocelli, with the help of his 8-year-old daughter Virginia, hosted a special concert event, “Believe in Christmas,” streamed live from the Teatro Regio di Parma in Parma, Italy.

During the concert, he performed songs from his new album, Believe, as well as classics like “White Christmas” and “Amazing Grace.” He was even accompanied by his daughter during a great performance of “Hallelujah.”

He explained to CBS News, “the sufferings” are the one thing that unites all of us in this pandemic. In a recent Instagram post, which shows the opera singer and his daughter making their way to the stage, he shared why he felt compelled to host a Christmas concert this year.

To ‘Believe in Christmas’ means to believe in the miracle of life and the love that protects it. The songs I will sing (along with some amazing guests, the choir and the orchestra, and with the invaluable assistance of Franco Dragone, who will imbue every note with pure theatrical enchantment) serve to underline one thing: life triumphs. It’s my way of embracing you, one by one, and wishing you, once more, ‘Merry Christmas.’

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