Another Da Vinci Code Novel is Being Written By Dan Brown

Dan Brown’s Origin

Dan Brown is writing another adventure featuring its hero will be hitting in 2017. Dan Brown is writer whose imagination is so intense that his books will pull you into his world.

Doubleday Books will release Dan Brown’s Origin next September.

The novel will join the other novels in Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series. Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, Inferno, and The Lost Symbol have collectively been some of the most popular novels ever published.

The series follows Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor who specializes in religious iconology and symbology. Each novel follows the character over a single day as he encounters some sort of earth-shattering conspiracy, solved only through his knowledge of ancient and religious symbols, as well as the history of art and architecture.

Origin is expected to be published on September 26th, 2017 and also look out for Dan Brown’s Inferno which is set to hit theaters at the end of October.


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