Apple Asks You To Switch to iPhone Because.. Well Check It Out


In a new bold campaign aimed at the Android users, Apple claims that it’s better along several axes. The campaign wants you to believe that it’s very easy to give up your Android and come over to the bright side.

Five short ads highlight Apple’s allegedly higher offerings. One claims that the music in your world will become so much more enjoyable when you have an iPhone.

Another says that the iPhone keeps you away from digital snoopers — and they’re very creepy-looking.

Then there’s speed. Apparently, iPhones are far faster than Android phones. Blindingly so, says this ad. Oh, it seems to me that all new phones start fast and then slow down as they age.

Another ad insists iPhone will straighten out your photos — and migrating them is so easy. Why, Apple will even send movers to your house to help you.

The last ad doesn’t even bother with an appearance of rationality, settling for just telling you to jump because it’s simple.


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