Apple iOS 11.1 Is Not Problem Free

Apple iOS 11.1

Unfortunately having published some of the many comments I received on social media praising iOS 11.1’s battery life increases, I have since been inundated by much more saying the update made either no difference at all or made their battery life even worse.

Furthermore, this counterposition is gaining traction with @AppleSupport now being inundated with iOS 11.1-specific battery life complaints. Here are some examples:

“iOS 11.1 freaking really kills battery life. We know you knew what would happen with this update. @Apple @AppleSupport” – source

“@apple @AppleSupport iOS 11.1 has ruined my iPad Air. It is laggy, scrolling stutters, battery life is bad. Please fix this mess. #iOS111 – source

“@AppleSupport my battery is draining faster than ever on the new iOS 11.1” – source

“Thanks, I’m aware of battery saving methods, but the battery was perfectly ok until I upgraded to iOS 11.1  so is there an issue with it?” – source

“Horrendous battery drain on iOS 11.1 on 6s @AppleSupport. No problems with this update.” – source

“My phone dies at 41% battery life after upgrading to 11.1, I didn’t even use it when it’s at 50% @AppleSupport wut r u doing?” – source

“@AppleSupport after upgrading to iOS 11.1 my battery drains very fast. I’ve followed battery optimisation tips but didn’t work. Any ideas?” – source

“Hey @AppleSupport my iPhone 6s battery life is horrible since the iOS 11.1 update. Please fix ASAP with the next update!!!” – source

“@AppleSupport my battery life on my 8 Plus was awesome until 11.1 updates. Please fix this!!!!” – source

“Upgraded my iOS to 11.1 and my battery life sucks. I’ve had to charge my phone 2x today. What’s @AppleSupport going to do to fix this?” – source

“@AppleSupport PPS. Still experiencing battery drain with 11.1. #Notfixed. #Hotmess #tankingbrandreliability” – source

Curiously – and concerningly – what I’m seeing is the scope of affected devices has widened. While previously it appeared to be limited to 2016 iPhones and older, now iPad and iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus users are complaining.

In my iOS 11.1 Upgrade Guide my recommendation was for users to hold off upgrading unless they specifically had existing battery problems. Sadly that appears to have been prescient advice since only those affected had nothing to lose.


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