Apple Patented A New Revolutionary Pizza Box

Apple Pizza Box

Apple just patented a pizza box design that will keep the crust crispy for you. It means no soggy bottom pizza for you if you are an Apple employee.

Steven Levy of Wired discovered the invention on a visit to Apple Park in Cupertino, California. Among many other amazing things about the famous $5 billion campus, the most unusual were the innovative pizza box design that Apple had patented back in 2010.

Apple Pizza Box

The circular Apple pizza box design stops sogginess by concentric ridges that raise the food, and holes that allow the steam to escape. “Allowing such steam to flow away from the bottom of the pizza prevents moisture from becoming trapped between the pizza and the bottom surface of the container and subsequently reabsorbed by the pizza causing it to get soggy.”

“The container includes a lid portion that is coupled to the base portion through a hinged connection such that the entire container is singularly constructed from a single piece of material. A nested configuration is achieved such that the base and lid portions are shaped to receive the corresponding base and lid portions of a second container. Such nested configuration allows for multiple containers to be stored in a nested stack, thereby minimizing storage space.”

Apple employees are getting the first of these pizza boxes, and your deliveries are not coming in these boxes anytime soon.

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