Apple Watch 3 Gets Tortured 

Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch 3 is now available to buy and as I heard its incredible but is it tough enough for real world?

The glass on the Apple Watch scratches lower than the sapphire glass on the Tissot watch. The Apple Watch does feature sapphire glass, although according to the video it is not as pure sapphire as it should be.

The glass on the Apple Watch Series 3 is apparently sapphire, and when it is scratch tested it should not scratch until a level 8 or 9 pick.

The watch is available in a range of different versions and the high-end model will cost you $1300.

The top model of the new Apple Watch features a ceramic casing and we have a video from JerryRigEverything where he is testing out the new smartwatch for durability.

Source JerryRigEverything


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