Are You Missing The World? NASA Brought The Universe Into Your Home


NASA has a fabulous website called NASA At Home, which is designed to bring the universe into our homes. It’s a one-stop-shop packed with podcasts, educational activities, do-it-yourself projects and more, If you are looking to spend some time on learning something then this is the best place to be.

If you and/or your kids are fans of NASA and space exploration, this site is ideal for you. There are six sections on the website that are packed with all kinds of great goodies! Those sections are labeled as E-Books, For Kids & Families, Be a Scientist, Virtual Tours & AR, Podcasts, and Videos.

There’s enough here to keep you and your kids busy for months or make your quarantine days better! I wish I had stuff like this to read when I was a kid, but the internet wasn’t even a thing when I was a kid what we have is expensive magazines which I can’t afford. Well, at least it’s here for me to learn! This generation of kids should get super-smart or its a waste of such great resource material.

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