Arkane Lyon, the Creative Force Behind Xbox’s Blade, Extends Support Amidst Mass Layoffs


The Game Awards show last year delivered an unexpected bombshell with the unveiling of Marvel’s Blade, a project in the works by the Xbox-owned developer Arkane Lyon. Amidst recent industry upheavals and significant layoffs, Dinga Bakaba, the game’s director, has extended a helping hand to those who have recently found themselves unemployed in the gaming sector. Taking to social media, Bakaba expressed Arkane Lyon’s commitment to supporting those affected by the layoffs, revealing ongoing recruitment efforts for their upcoming project, with assurances of more positions becoming available.

Bakaba’s empathetic message resonates with the challenges of studio closures, drawing on his own experiences that led him to Arkane. The backdrop for this outreach was the cancellation of the latest Deus Ex video game, a project under development by Eidos, the Montreal-based studio now redirecting its focus toward an original franchise.

As Arkane Lyon actively seeks new talent, a glance at their LinkedIn page reveals a total of 9 job listings for various roles in France. Among the positions available are Producer, Level Artist, Senior Animator, and VFX Artist, highlighting the diverse skill sets needed for the ambitious venture ahead.

Microsoft has teased glimpses of the new game, generating heightened anticipation. Blade enthusiasts have been treated to tantalizing concept art, providing a glimpse into the visual direction of this Marvel creation. Notably, the game is set to harness the power of the Void Engine, the same engine that fueled acclaimed titles such as Deathloop and Dishonored, promising a visually stunning and immersive experience for players eagerly awaiting Marvel’s Blade.

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