Armored Truck Attempted Heist Looks Like A Scene From The Hollywood Movie

Armored Truck Attempted Heist

Taking hugely expensive loads can land you in a lot of dangerous situations, and if you are really unlucky, it could happen in a high-speed, gun shooting pursuit.

These two men were moving money in a van before being shot at and hit by a gang of people in pickup trucks. As soon as the first gunshot hit the van, the driver went into full-on battle mode and shifted through the gears like Jason Statham from the Transporter.

The driving ability he displayed was phenomenal, especially regarding the weight of the van in comparison to the somewhat faster pickup trucks. They managed to stay ahead but were still being fired at, thankfully the glass was bulletproof.

The passenger of the vehicle had his gun ready but never had to use it. At the end of the video, the van got stuck on a verge and the driver thrust himself out with the gun to face the gang. We don’t know what occurred after this, but we hope they chased them off and both of them are safe.

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