Astronaut Demonstrates What Will Happen If Soda Can Is Opened At The Bottom Of The Ocean

Soda Can Is Opened At The Bottom Of The Ocean

Chris Hadfield is an astronaut. He is recognized not just for being the first Canadian to walk in space but because of his wild and out of the box experiments that he shares on his YouTube channel. Space is not the only extreme environment he’s spent his time in. He’s had to live at the bottom of the ocean in a submarine as well.

Just because he was up in zero gravity conditions, doesn’t mean his love for science diminished in any way. He is pretty active on social media as well and has devoted his life to science and educating others how amazing it can be.

One of his bizarre experiments is when he opened a soda can in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean.

What is so exciting about that?

What makes it special is that he vigourously shool the can before opening it and even a 5-year old can tell you that it’s a recipe for disaster doing it in your home, let alone doing it in a pressurized vessel at the bottom of the ocean.

But when he opens the soda can, all hell doesn’t break loose and a catastrophe is avoided. You can watch the video below which shows him opening the can and the explanation behind it. Check out the video below.


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