Astronaut Tim Peake Dials Wrong Number From Space Asking For Earth

Astronaut Tim Peake Dials Wrong Number From Space

What would you say if you received this very expensive phone call?

“Hello, is this planet Earth?,” British astronaut Tim Peake said. He was calling from the International Space Station, but unknown to him that he had dialed the wrong number. It’s maybe first wrong call from space.

Retired teacher Betty Barker, who received the call on Christmas Eve, thought it was a practical joke at first—just some boozed-up reveler having some fun. So, she said, “No.”

Local news got the story about the mis-dialed number, and while getting ready on Christmas Day, Barker’s husband Patrick heard the news. “When I found out who it had been I did feel a bit funny. I was a bit abashed really. I felt a bit silly,” Betty Barker told the Mirror.

Barker explained the mistake is understandable — Peake’s family lives in the same area code, so the number he dialed could have been just a digit off of her own. “We have watched all the stuff about his mission on TV and everyone is very proud of him,” Barker said.

What would you say, If you have received the call?


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