Australian Billionaire is Building The Titanic 2

Palmer decided to recreate every detail of the ship and journey, including the third class tickets, which will be marketed as an adventure holiday and will include cramped bunk rooms, limited menus and even a delousing on arrival to New York. The clothes will be in the styles that are similar to the period of the original Titanic. Access to internet and television will no be available to keep the journey as authentic as possible.titanicII-7-610x387


Titanic and its tragic sinking on April 14, 1912. Australian billionaire Professor Clive Palmer has decided to pay tribute to the lost vessel by replicating the entire ship.

The cost of the reproduction is an estimated $175 million to create a 40,000 tonne vessel. The maiden voyage will be from Southampton to New York, just like the original voyage, and the ship will carry 2500 passengers and 900 crew members. The Titanic II will feature air conditioning, a helipad, a hospital and the appropriate number of lifeboats, which the original ship lacked. The hull will be made from steel composite which will make it stronger than the first’s Iron hull.


The new ship will 833 feet long, only three inches longer than the original due to the extensional at the bow, which will allow passengers to recreate the “Jack and Rose pose” which is well known from the 1997 movie based on the tragedy of the Titanic. The ship will include a casino, a cinema, shopping area along with Turkish baths, the Cafe Parisien, two Millionaire Suites, a Chart Room and quarters belonging to Titanic Master Captain Edward Smith.



People will be able to buy tickets, which will provide either six days in one class or a mix of two days in each class. No prices have been set as of yet, but 16 of the 40,000 people that have registered for tickets have offered between $750,000 and $1 million for a ticket on the maiden voyage. The new ship will be built in China as compared to the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast where the old one was made. We hope this time around, the people on board the ship will have a wonderful journey and reach New York safe and sound.

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