Awesome Mini Yacht Fits 12 People and Can Travel Up to 70 MPH


This futuristic “mini yacht” is the most luxurious way to explore the open seas — and it can be yours for $250,000.

The new “Royal Version 001” model by Italian company Jet Capsule is a compact capsule that can fit up to 12 passengers and can reach speeds from 32 knots up to 62 knots (71 mph).

The designer also had the luxury in mind. Measuring 27-feet long and 12-feet wide, the pod has nine “springy” seats, a bathroom, and dinette/bar, making it ideal for entertaining. It can fit 8 to 12 passengers, plus a captain.

The pod comes with air conditioning system for summer days, and heating for cold, nighttime adventures. It features huge windows that change transparency in response to light intensity.

Buyers have the choice of  Yanmar diesel engines that come with a variety of power that goes from 370 hp up to 1040 hp. Coupled with Hamilton jet drives, the pod can reach speeds from 32 knots up to 62 knots (71 mph).

“It’s such a compact yet luxurious yacht — small enough to minimize high maintenance costs but large enough to carry a group of friends, who can sleep aboard in comfort,” Lazzarini told the Daily Mail. “It’s an incredibly luxurious vessel, far more so than any other boat of a similar size.”

Jet Capsule boats are built to order from a Naples shipyard and take six months to produce.


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