Baby Dinosaur Fossil Found

This dinosaur, estimated to be just 3-years-old at the time of its death, was uncovered in Canada recently in an extremely well-preserved condition. LiveScience writes,

The fossil is the smallest intact skeleton ever found from a group of horned, plant-eating dinosaurs known as ceratopsids, a group that includes the iconic Triceratops.

And if like me, you’ve never seen a baby dinosaur skeleton before, fret not, they are very rare.

”The big ones just preserve better: They don’t get eaten, they don’t get destroyed by animals,” study co-author Philip Currie, told LiveScience. The skeleton has been identified as a Chasmosaurus belli.

(Image credit: Philip J. Currie, Robert Holmes, Michael Ryan Clive Coy, Eva B. Koppelhus)

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