Batman Was Pulled Over By Cops In Canada


Batman was pulled over not because he broke any law.

Stephen Lawrence, who portrays as the popular comic book hero, Batman, said that he was heading home from Parry Sound on Saturday when he saw that people were taking his pictures in his Batmobile. He said, “I noticed that I was being tailed by a couple of cameras — I can tell when there are recordings happening of me driving — so I noticed at a stop light that a vehicle… was an OPP cruiser. I took advantage of this. I pulled up beside the cruiser in the left turn lane and asked the officer to give me a hand with the cameras behind me. The officer said yes they could.”

The officer escorted him when they put on the emergency lights, and a little time later, they signaled him to pull over. Lawrence said, “I jumped out and asked if everything was OK and the officer said, ‘I would like not to miss my opportunity and get a photograph with you.” He said that he didn’t want the officer to be in any trouble because if he were in that position, he would also do the same thing. Lawrence said that he is happy to take pictures with people, but it is better that people put their phones down while they are driving.

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