Best PC Games Of 2013

BioShock Infinite

PC Gamers have long espoused their superiority. But do they have the catalog of games to fill up a list of the Best PC Games of 2013? After the first few months of this year, they certainly have some brilliant new additions to their roster of graphics screaming digital entertainment. The best part about PC gaming is the little games that make it through and onto your hard drive to delight. 2013 has been a good year so far for console gaming, but the PC hasn’t been left behind.

Check out our top picks for the Best PC Games of 2013.

10. BioShock Infinite

There should be no doubt in your mind that Bioshock Infinite deserves to be at the top of our list of the Best PC Games of 2013. With the PC release, we got higher res graphics that really brought the world of Columbia to life. It looks simply gorgeous which works as the perfect contrast to the horror that is about to unfold. Experiencing the downfall of this floating city is one of the most engaging and fascinating things you’ll see in this generation. Plus, the ending will blow your mind. Seriously, we’re still trying to figure it out.

9. Proteus

Proteus is less of a video game and more of an interactive digital experience. There is no combat, there are no puzzles, and you only have your curiosity to propel you through the wondrous landscape. Almost everything in the title is procedurally generated right down to the miasmic melding of tones to create the dreamy soundtrack. It is honestly one of the best experiences you can have on the PC and you’ll enjoy every moment of exploration.

8. Papers, Please

Who knew being an immigration agent would make for such a compelling game? Lucas Pope did, and we’re all better for his gamble on socio-political themes paying off huge. Papers, Please put you in the role of a border agent who decides which applicants are allowed to enter the fictional country Arstotzka. There are all kinds of intrigue at the core, including payoffs and terrorist attacks, and with the fate of a nation at your fingertips, it’s completely captivating every step of the way.

7. Antichamber

Antichamber has to be the most bizarre entry on our list. This intellectually dense and complex puzzle game has awed critics and made fans around the world. It is an insane game where you have to go against your own knowledge of logic and physics to make it through. Its design is wonderfully minimalistic in sharp contrast to the staggering clever complexity of the puzzles that you have to face. But, be warned, take Antichamber in small doses you might start thinking that gravity points upwards.

6. The Swapper

When ethics come into play during your gaming experience, you begin to question whether or not your decisions could start to carry some emotional weight in the real world. Such is the case with The Swapper, a side-scrolling indie title that allows you to avoid death by instantly creating a clone of yourself. Coupled with beautiful graphics and a haunting score, it’s a gameplay experience that will stick with you for a long, long, time.

5. Metro: Last Light

With Metro: 2033, 4A Games delivered a promising shooter set in post-apocalyptic Russia. What 2033 lacked in polish, the sequel Metro: Last Light made up for in spades. Better AI, controls, story and presentation helped make Last Light one of the Best PC Games of 2013. Its unique perspective of the world, based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels, made inhabiting this world a treat, and allowed Last Light to stand out in a world of modern combat and zombie-filled shooters.

4. Battlefield 4

Another year, another Battlefield. That’s not a bad thing though. DICE has refined the Battlefield experience to an insane degree, and the multiplayer in Battlefield 4 is among the best the series has ever seen. While the single-player story is still a bit underwhelming, the presentation and core combat are impeccable and make Battlefield 4 one of the most enjoyable first-person shooters we’ve ever played.

3. The Stanely Parable

Sometimes, a game can be more than shooting things, jumping through things or racing around a track. With The Stanley Parable, you’ll be put to the test in a myriad of ways, but none of which you’ll be expecting. Every choice you make, even the decision to not make a choice, impacts the outcome of The Stanley Parable. You really do have the freedom to do whatever your want. There are no specific paths or event sequences. It’s an experiment in player interaction and one that makes The Stanley Parable an easy pick for the Best PC Games of 2013.

2. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

Starcraft is one of the most storied franchises on PC. Blizzard Entertainment knows how to make a splash and the Heart of the Swarm expansion for Starcraft II is no exception. Following Kerrigan on her journey to regain control of the swarm is one of the most exciting things you’ll experience. Not only that, the game features some tweaks to multiplayer to make your online experience even more frantic.

1. Gone Home

Taking place in the mid-90s, the exploratory gameplay in Gone Home is like a strange trip, in more than one way. As Kaitlin, you return home to your family’s new digs to find everyone missing, and the only clues as to what’s happened are found as a series of notes and items left behind. There’s a deep mystery at the core of Gone Home, and it’s an atmospheric adventure well worth embarking on.

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