Bicester Village – The Bizarre Shopping Center

Bicester Village

Bicester Village is an outlet shopping center located in the suburbs of Bicester Oxfordshire in England. It was inaugurated in the year 1995 and has numerous stores specializing in designer clothing and luxury goods. So popular is the Bicester Village that it has been ranked among the most visited areas coming second to the Buckingham Palace.

It’s due to this popularity that some of the neighboring stores were approved for demolition in the year 2015 to pave way for the extension of the Bicester village. Before the launch of the thirty new stores in 2017, the center had 130 existing ones.

With the new stores up in operation, thousands of new jobs would be created. The launch created an opportunity for fashion designers, Valentino, Orlebar Brown, and Roksanda and Christopher Kane to join the likes of Gucci, Prada, Armani, and Versace to set shop and exhibit their products in the Bicester Village.

Bicester Village

Bicester Attracts Numerous Visitors Annually

The shopping center attracts numerous tourists annually many of who are Chinese. Actually, there are mandarin signs at the connecting railway station to ensure that the Chinese tourists visiting the center do so with ease. Many visitors coming to this center are attracted by the bargains more than they are by the brands.

Bicester Village

Unique Products, Huge Discounts, and Excellently Designed Stores

Exclusive products come with massive price cuts making the products more affordable. Bicester Village consists of exclusively designed stores complete with wooden and pastel panels whose inspiration could have been derived from Icelandic villages.

Many people thought opine that the architectural designs are Scandinavia inspired but experts say that the design could be Salem inspired as seen from their American colonial theme. Cleanliness comes first in this village and many visitors attest that the stores are sparkling clean.

After a successful shopping experience, you will be yearning for some nice and hot food. Bicester Village has various food vendors offering excellent food including the popular Pret-A-Manger Coffee Lounge, Le Pain Quotidien Restaurant, and Simply Noodles.

You can get your favorite hot chocolates and hot noodles for up to £4. Delicious and irresistible crepes are also available. Lovers of prosecco have not been forgotten as there is a Bubbles Bros tuk-tuk that offers the same on tap. Other vendors with a presence at the Bicester Village include Soho House, Le Pain Quotidien, and Itsu.

You will love the ambiance in the village both on the inside and the outside. The environment is surrounded by green gardens and picturesque garden furniture along the path surrounded by wheelbarrows, window boxes, and abundant greenery.

If you love quotable quotes, then you will love the shrubberies that are adorned with quotations derived from philosophy and literature from some of the globally recognized writers of all time.

The management of the Bicester Village is committed to ensuring that every visitor gets a maximum and easy shopping experience. To achieve this, they have a team of dedicated doormen and bellboys. Additionally, they offer valet parking, hands-free shopping, luggage drop, and personal shopping services.

Bicester Village has multiple faith in contemplation rooms. You do not have to worry about the language barrier as they also have multilingual staff across the village. In this digital era when both people and businesses utilize social media platforms to reach a wider audience, many of the stores here allow their visitors to take photos of their purchases inside the stores for their Instagram and Facebook pages or even record short videos for their Snapchat platforms.

Bicester Village is easy to navigate completely with signposts leading to the contemplation rooms, trains, and washrooms.  While it has the aura and appearance of a wealthy individual’s shopping area from the outside, the retail stores are welcoming, calm, and conducive.

Apart from the designer shops, there are other upcoming temporary buildings that have been designed by Smart Space, specializes in designing commercial and public buildings. For long, temporary buildings have been used as storage facilities but Smart Space buildings are revolutionizing the industry by providing luxury facilities that can be used as churches or even cafes as is the case in the Bicester Village.

Bicester Village has a wide range of products for everyone depending on their budget. If you are a high spender, you can shop in high-end stores such as Balenciaga, Burberry, and Vivienne Westwood. If you are shopping on a budget, you can visit Lacoste, Diesel, or Clark’s for cheaper prices and reasonable discounts.

Do you love cycling? Rapha, a renowned lifestyle and sportswear brand specializing in cycling have a store at the Bicester Village which also acts as their cycling club’s Oxfordshire branch.

If you are a member of the club, you can participate in their planned group rides or coffee dates. Further, you can even hire bikes complete with preloaded routes for an adventurous afternoon with fellow club members.


Bicester Village presents every individual with a serene environment to enjoy their shopping. Apart from amazing discounts, visitors are guaranteed to get the maximum experience from each store.



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