Biggest World War II Bomb Ever Found in Poland And It Explodes While Trying To Defuse

Biggest World War II Bomb

The biggest World War II bomb to ever be located in Poland was caught on video exploding as navy divers tried to diffuse it, according to Reuters.

The terrifying incident happened underwater on Tuesday near the Piast Canal outside the town of Swinoujscie, Poland, the outlet reported.

Navy divers had found the Tallboy bomb — which was released in 1945 by Great Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) during an offensive on the German cruiser Lutzow — and were trying to diffuse the 5,400 kg (about 11,904 lbs.) explosive, Reuters said.

Things went wrong when the bomb exploded underwater, resulting in a huge explosion that sent water flying into the air and reaching the neighboring shoreline, as seen in the video.

EuroNews also reported that the bomb was powerful enough to cause a small earthquake.

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