Bikes in the Netherlands Are Different From The Rest Of The World

Bikes in the Netherlands

If you’ve ever gone to the Netherlands, you probably realized pretty fast that there are bikes all over the place, there is a huge bike culture.

And it turns out that the bikes in the Netherlands are not the same ones you find in the U.S. and Canada. Dutch-style bikes are known as Omafiets, or “grandma bicycles.” The main reason these bikes are so common in the Netherlands is that in that country, as opposed to others, bicycles are seen as a tool for everyday transportation, as opposed to sport and exercise.

Dutch-style bikes are upright and are created for comfort so people can wear their work clothes while they ride, run chores, and even take their children to school.

Watch the video above to get more details about what makes these bikes special to the Netherlands.

This video was produced by Not Just Bikes.

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