Boeing 747 Turned Into a Hotel At Arlanda Airport

Boeing 747 Turned Into a Hotel

Jumbo Stay at Sweden’s Arlanda Airport is an old Boeing 747-212B that was produced in 1976 for Singapore Airlines. It gave its aviation career, however, while serving Pan Am airlines and Transjet before the company went bankrupt in 2002. It wasn’t until 2007 that building permission was received to change the jet into a space that was habitable. It was moved to the entrance of the Arlanda Airport in 2008 and was opened to the public in 2009.

Jumbo Stay Is A Hotel Made From A Boeing 747 At Arlanda Airport!

Jumbo Stay can house a huge number of people. It features 33 rooms and 46 beds. The rooms and the beds vary in size and form. You can opt for the more private-ish rooms if you are staying with your family. If you are traveling alone, you can opt for the hostel-style dorm rooms that contain four beds. Each room in Jumbo Stay is unique in a different way. Before you ask; yes, you can stay in the cockpit of the plane as well.

Jumbo Stay Is A Hotel Made From A Boeing 747 At Arlanda Airport!

Apart from the rooms, the Jumbo Stay also has a small conference room that is capable of housing eight persons. The conference room has some of the original furniture from the aviation days of the Boeing 747-212B. The café and the bar inside the plane have been preserved with the 1970s vibe and while they do feature some of the modern amenities; they truly are a blast from the past. You can visit the café even if you are not staying at Jumbo Stay.

Jumbo Stay Is A Hotel Made From A Boeing 747 At Arlanda Airport!

Oscar Diös believed that Jumbo Stay would be able to serve as the budget hotel for Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. The Arlanda Airport doesn’t have an attached hotel – something that almost all of the major airports do. The jumbo jet living space became the perfect solution for this particular airport!


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