Bombay Sapphire Recalled For Containing Too Much Alcohol

Bombay Sapphire

Yes, too much alcohol is a thing. CNNMoney reports that Canadian health authorities have called for a nationwide recall of Bombay Sapphire gin after discovering bottles containing nearly double the advertised amount of alcohol and no it is not a good thing you drunkards.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency found a “small” number of 1.1-liter bottles containing 77 percent alcohol by volume rather than the typical 40 percent. Now, to some, that might not sound like such a problem. Getting more drunk by buying fewer drinks? Nothing at all.

Bacardi, the private firm that makes Bombay Sapphire, said the recall was launched after “an isolated consumer complaint and subsequent quality assurance checks.” The gin comprises 8 percent of Bacardi’s global sales, and has been experiencing double-digit sales growth over the past few years.

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