Breathtaking 5K Footage Over Matterhorn’s Summit

Matterhorn's Summit

Photography is an incredible art form that allows us to capture and experience the beauty of our world in unique and fascinating ways. One of the most innovative and exciting tools for photographers in recent years has been the use of drones to capture stunning aerial footage. Photographer Joshua Turner has taken drone photography to new heights with his breathtaking 5K cinematic drone footage over the northeastern summit of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps.

Using cutting-edge equipment that allowed for height and range in a cold and wet environment, Turner was able to launch his drone from the Hörnli Hut and capture this incredible sight from a completely new perspective. The footage is simply stunning, showcasing the sheer scale and beauty of the Matterhorn in a way that has never been seen before.

As the drone glides over the summit of the Matterhorn, viewers are treated to a breathtaking view of the snow-capped peaks and the surrounding landscape. The stunning footage captures the majesty of the Swiss Alps and gives viewers a sense of the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world.

It’s no surprise that drone photography has become so popular among photographers in recent years. The ability to capture aerial footage has allowed for new and exciting perspectives on familiar landscapes, and has opened up new creative possibilities for photographers around the world.

Joshua Turner’s work is a prime example of the incredible power of drone photography, and his footage of the Matterhorn is a testament to the beauty and wonder of our world. Whether you’re an avid photographer or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, Turner’s footage is sure to leave you in awe.

I flew an Iflight Chimera 7 with DJI air unit and crossfire. The video was shot on a GoPro Hero 10 in 5K 30 and stabilized in Realsteadygo. I only brought 1500mah batteries so the only way to assure that I reached the summit was to get closer. …I launched the drone from the Hornli Hut and I was able to fly the remaining 4000ft (1,200m) vertical and 1 mile (1.6km) distance to the summit and surf down the ridgeline. It was extremely windy and the wind just got stronger as I neared the summit but the chimera 7 performed very well.

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