Cable TV Replacement: 5 Best Streaming Services Starting as Low as $5 per Month

Cable TV

Cord-cutting is on the rise due to rising costs. Cable TV is being replaced by streaming services offering movies, TV shows, documentaries, cartoons and in some cases live TV. Most of the people are shifting towards streaming services as it offers convenience, ease, mobility, and affordability. However, if you are still not sure whether to stay with cable TV or streaming service, you have to find out what are your requirements. If you are having a big household, the streaming service might not be the best choice as it is suitable for individuals who are on the move.

Moreover, it might not provide everything that most of the cable TV services offer, such as HD channels, live broadcasts, and plenty of other perks. For instance, Optimum cable packages allow you to watch more than 220 channels including ESPN, Disney, ABC, and more in HD. You also get a voice to activate remote and up to 200Mbps download speed for the internet.

On the contrary, if you don’t have enough time to watch TV, the streaming service is undoubtedly the best choice. Get ready to cut the cord and start streaming TV Shows, blockbuster movies and so much more with these popular streaming services. You won’t get any better alternative to cutting the cord.


Hulu Plus Live TV

If you have decided to say goodbye to your cable TV, Hulu Plus Live TV is the first option we believe is the best one. The price starts as low as $5.99 per month. That’s merely a price for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. You get to watch thousands of movies, and TV shows without breaking the bank.

Unlike other streaming services, Hulu Plus Live TV offers you live channels. If you can’t afford to miss NBA, MLA or any other sporting event, Hulu Plus Live TV is for you. However, it would cost you $54.99 per month, without any hidden costs or equipment charges, unlike cable TV. If you are not sure whether Hulu Plus Live TV is fit for you or not, you can simply have 7 days trial on Hulu + Live TV or 30 days trial on Hulu only.


YouTube TV

There are plenty of things to love about YouTube TV. Recently the streaming service has added eight new channels to its list at the end of June. It has far more channels than competitors offering local PBS channels as well at a cost that you could afford. YouTube TV features the best cloud DVR, which allows you to store unlimited content and watch recordings for up to nine months. If you are considering cutting the cord, YouTube TV is the best choice to go for as you don’t need to a setup cable box, pay equipment charges, sign long term contracts or get hidden charges surprise.

You can try it free and if you feel that YouTube is going to satisfy your entertainment needs, just get ready to pay $64.99 per month. Some of the most popular channel lists include CNN, ABC, Fox, ESPN, MSNBC, TNT, Food Network, Comedy Central, and many more.



If YouTube TV and Hulu hasn’t caught your attention, FuboTV will get your eyes. FuboTV offers a wide collection of channels that is close to YouTube TV. Especially, if you are a sports enthusiast, FuboTV has got you covered. For soccer fans, the streaming service is surely going to be the best replacement for cable TV.

FuboTV brings three plans starting from $29.99 per month to $64.99. You will get around 68 channels and 130+ events in 4K. Channel count is less than YouTube TV but still offers Cloud DVR Plus with 500 hours of space. FuboTV can be watched on three screens simultaneously. You are not limited to sports only, there is plenty of other things to add to FuboTV. Watch news, movies, and popular shows without breaking the bank.



AT&T TV Now is to look forward if you have decided to cut the cord forever. In the past, AT&T TV Now offers HBO in its base package, which is now optional for $10 extra. Whether you add HBO or not to your plan, the service is missing some of the top channels that most of the competitors offer. However, if you can pay extra, you will surely get channels added to your list.

The best part about AT&T TV Now is that you don’t have to sign a long term contract. Pay as you go every month and cancel anytime without bearing extra charges. Plus you don’t have to buy any equipment or pay for any monthly rental charges. Sign up now online and get started instantly. Moreover, AT&T TV Now allows you to record up to 500 hours of content. You can watch the recordings anytime whenever suitable and also skip the commercials. Some of the most popular channels AT&T TV Now include CNN, ESPN, Fox, ABC, CNBC, TNT, MTV, TRU, and many more.


Sling TV

Sling TV is another popular choice among streamers and cord-cutters looking for a cheap alternative. Sling TV is a little costly than Philo but offers better channels and a lot of options including a better interface. It is worth to subscribe to Sling TV if you want something offered at a dirt-cheap price. Sling TV comes with monthly charges of $20 and is a great alternative for cable TV or any other expensive streaming services.

As you might have noticed, that Sling TV is much cheaper than any other services like Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV. The reason is that it offers a few local channels. However, there are some other plans like Sling Orange and Sling Blue as well that costs you $30 per month. The difference is in its channel offerings. For instance, Sling Orange is packed with ESPN and Disney channels while the Sling Blue is about NBC and Fox type channels.

If you are tired of paying equipment rentals, hidden charges, and whopping bills on cable TV, the aforementioned streaming services will surely satisfy your entertainment needs.

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