Chaotic Aerial Photos Of Kabul Airport

Chaotic Aerial Photos Of Kabul Airport

Hundreds of people can be seen gathering along runways trying to flee Taliban rule.

Moving aerial photos taken over Kabul airport on Monday morning show numbers of people attempting to flee Afghanistan as the Taliban took control of the capital and consequently the country this week.

Thousands of Afghans dreading their future rushed to Hamid Karzai International Airport yesterday, with many trying to board flights to escape the coming political situation, as the Taliban has taken over the country at lightning speed following the US military withdrawal.

The aerial photos from American satellite company Maxar Technologies, taken at 10.36 AM local time on Tuesday the 16th of August show huge traffic jams at a junction outside the airport and massive crowds of people moving across the runways, attempting to board flights.

Afghanistan braces for the unknown now after Taliban fighters entered Kabul on Sunday, completing a rapid seizure of power that has played out over the past few weeks as the US and other western military forces withdrew from the country.

There were harrowing scenes at the airport yesterday as people attempted to board already overcrowded planes. A video circulating on social media shows men clambering onto the overhead gangway of a plane attempting to board. Disturbing footage appeared to show three people who had clambered onto aircraft falling to their deaths as they took flight. And images showed around 640 Afghan civilians crammed into a single US Air Force plane in a desperate bid to escape.

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