Check Out 40 Hours Of Stunning ‘Planet Earth’ Footage By BBC

Planet Earth

We all have been stunned and mesmerized by BBC’s ‘Planet Earth’ program at some point in our life. David Attenborough’s beautiful narration is the most powerful and astonishing sights in nature are just gorgeous to watch.

BBC has released forty hours of pure bliss, as they have compiled four hour-long videos into one terrific show of nature’s breathtaking beauty and serenity.

Although the film doesn’t have Mr. Attenborough narration, you can still listen to the sounds of nature, the chirping of the birds, the swishing of the grass, and elegant silence of the icy high mountains.

BBC’s Earth Unplugged YouTube channel has been working on the ‘Real Happiness Project’ and sending out the most mesmerizing video clips for our aesthetic satisfaction.

The video below takes you through the jungle, through to desert, a rich grassland, and then up to rough mountains. BBC plans on releasing another two really soon.


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