Check Out Incredibly Well-Designed Tokyo’s Public Transport System

Tokyo Public Transport System

With inhabitants of 37 million, Tokyo is at least 50% bigger than all other big cities, with an ambitious metropolitan design that interconnects districts within the city.

Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station is the most active public transportation hub in the world and the centerpiece of city planning that demands efficiency, practicality, and profitability. The station’s 20 platforms and 5 lines service 3.6 million subway users each day. Compare that to New York City’s subway which has the same number of daily passengers but is much larger– with 399 km of routes and 472 stations.

Tokyo’s focus on public transportation over the use of personal cars includes suitable grocery shopping for walkers, 1,600 bus lines, and Japan’s super-fast bullet trains. Tokyo is able to keep public transport booming by de-incentivizing auto travel, with complex highways and costly road tolls.

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