Check Out This Giant American Killer Robot Destroying Toyota Prius Cars

American Killer Robot Destroying Toyota Prius Cars

The world’s first international giant robot fight between team America and Japan is coming up fast, and the Americans have just revealed their contender – the MegaBots Mk.III combat robot!

The robot made an impressive debut at Maker Faire Bay Area as it took on a couple of Toyota Prius cars and beat the green stuffing out of them! The robot fight is only three months away, and the latest power show by Megabots Mk.III will surely intimidate Japan’s Kuratas robot, which is yet to make a public appearance.

The daunting MegaBots Mk.III stands 16 ft (4.9 m) tall and bears an impressive bald eagle on its right shoulder. The robot has one punching/grappling arm and a paintball gun that shoots massive paint blobs heavy enough to dent a car.

Believe it or not, this 12-ton metal beast cost US$2.5-million! The robot is run by two people, one who drives the tank track while the other one is concerned with punching and paintballing using the hydraulically actuated limbs powered by 6.2-liter, 430-hp Corvette LS3 V8 engine.

The latest “Punch a Prius” event was arranged when a reward was unlocked by three backers pledging $5,000 each on Kickstarter. So two Toyota Prius cars were hanged from cranes as the pilots utterly destroyed the cars in a symbolic beat down towards the Japanese and the so-called environmentally conscious drivers!

“The Mk.III was throttled back to a quarter of its top punching speed to protect the audience and keep the robot from damaging itself,”

So if the Prius punching was a small show of power, just imagine how things would pan out against Japanese robot come August. The mega robot even will be held at an undisclosed location and will be broadcasted live on MegaBots and Suidobashi Heavy Industries YouTube channels.


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