Check The Raw Power Of SpaceX’s New Falcon Heavy Rocket – Video

 Falcon Heavy Rocket

Elon Musk released the new video on his Twitter account where he shows off the spaceflight company’s test firing of one of the boosters that will be used in the Falcon Heavy rocket launch. it is humongous and seems very powerful.

The “side booster” shown in the video below will be strapped on the main stage the Falcon Heavy and help it give the record-breaking thrust to lift the heaviest of payloads into the outer space.

If all goes by the plan, this will be a large step in the development of SpaceX’s reusable rockets. In fact, the booster shown in the video has already been to space, as it was previously used to launch the Thaicom 8 communications satellite in May 2016. The booster landed back on a drone ship floating in the ocean and now has been revamped to be used again.

This is in addition to the plans of sending two people on the mission to circumnavigate the moon in 2018 and the ultimate ambitious plan of sending its first robotic mission to Mars around 2020.


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