China Is Using The World’s Most Advanced AI Based Surveillance System

Most Advanced AI Based Surveillance System

China aims to improve the lives of its citizens. Working towards this goal, Chinese e-commerce genie Alibaba has been taking data from video feeds, traffic information and social media of Hangzhou city for past 12 months. The project is called the City Brain project. The idea is to let artificial intelligence process and use this data in order to control certain aspects of urban life.

This use of AI for the citizens of Hangzhou has proven effective. Traffic congestion is now very low in the city since the system is able to predict traffic flow, with 90 percent accuracy, 10 minutes ahead of time. Criminals and outlaws can also be tracked throughout the city, aiding the city police. The system is also able to send text messages to people, helping them plan different routes.

People’s less concern with privacy in China has allowed the system to work faster. The idea is a success since the company is now exporting the system to other parts of China and to the whole world eventually.


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