How Commercial Drones Have Evolved From The Battlefield UAVs – Infographic


The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are here for much longer than you think. The drone toys are here for just a few years, but the UAVs have been a part of the battlefield for over a century, Yep you read it right. The first UAV of the US military, nicknamed “Kettering Bug” was used as a cruise missile in combat during the first world war. A 40-horsepower Ford engine powered the flying bomb with 12-foot cardboard and paper mâché wings.

The military is the major contributor to the UAV technology, building the technology to enhance not only sophisticated but also much cheaper and lighter. The drones today have moved out of the battlefield and into our hand as toys.

IFLY created an infographic showing the history of military drones and how they turned into for commercial uses. Check out the infographic below.


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