The Commodore 64 is Coming Back As a Tiny Retro Console

Commodore 64

Are the SNES and NES Classic not retro enough for you? Then have I good news for you: Someone is making a tiny retro Commodore 64, too.

The C64 Mini, as it’s called, will cost $70, and includes 64 licensed games and a single joystick controller. There is an HDMI output to connect to your TV, and two USB ports, which you can use to attach a second joystick or a real keyboard. You can even use it like a legit 1980s computer, running good ol’ BASIC. I just wish the tiny keyboard on the device itself worked too.

It packs in a few extra features too, like a few CRT filters in case your pixelated games look too crisp on your 4KTV, and the ability to save your progress mid-game. Unfortunately, there’s no actual launch date, so who knows if it’ll ever see the light of day. You can find out more information, like the full list of games, for more information click here.


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