Common Coupon Hiccups and How to Solve Them


Before you become an extreme couponer, you’ll face a lot of hiccups when using promo codes. When all the excitement that you have of redeeming your coupons turn to nothing, the feeling can be frustrating. You may even hate coupons.

Honestly, couponing is generally not a straightforward art. There are so many tricks involved by both parties: the retailer and the buyer. The retailer is trying to sell more by offering you exciting coupons. And the buyers care about is to save.

But having a coupon code does not necessarily translate to saving. There are hitches involved in some cases. Whether you get your coupon online or on a local newspaper, you need to be aware of possible hiccups and learn how to solve them.

  1. Coupons Aren’t Working

It feels really bad when the store that you approach cannot allow you to redeem your coupon. This is something that you’ll face a lot of times before you can become an extreme couponer. At times, it’s because the coupon that you are using does not apply to the store. And sometimes, it’s a case of not understanding the store’s coupon policy.

You should always read the coupon policies and understand them before walking into any store. Coupons are more like contracts; there are rules involved. You have to know them before you can use the coupons.

  1. Coupons Are Expired

It goes without saying that you can only use a valid coupon. Not all coupons have expiry dates but a majority does. What’s the essence of having a good deal that you cannot claim? Surely, it doesn’t make any sense.

You should carefully look at the code to determine its expiry date. In case you don’t see any, you don’t have to assume that it’s not there. Just ask the seller to be sure.

  1. Fake Coupon Codes

There is nothing as frustrating as the feeling of being conned. This hiccup is the worst of them all. Unlike the expired coupon which you can blame yourself for not checking the validity period, a fake coupon is clearly as a result of the seller’s trickery. Some of them don’t care what they do as long as they make sales.

Just search for the code online and read what people are saying about the offer. You can always know if it’s legit or not.

  1. Price Variance in Different Locations

This is a prevalent hitch when you are an inexperienced couponer. Experienced couponers know that they have to compare the prices in different locations before they can redeem their coupons. Besides, if the prices differ from one store to another, the discount margin will also differ.

Always do a research and compare the quotes for different locations to determine what suits you.  Don’t generalize the prices based on what you see on the company’s website. Go to the specific stores and compare their quotes.

  1. Manufacturer’s Quote is Different from Retailer’s

Some retailers will go an extra mile of giving you a wrong quote just to capture your intention. You’ll only realize this when you go to the manufacturer’s store to claim your offer. The problem is mostly attributed to increased competition between retailers and also because of the emergence of coupon sites.

You should learn to check the price for the product on the manufacturer’s site to determine if there is any saving at all. If there is, consider if the discount is huge.

The above hiccups are just a fraction of the many that couponers, more so the inexperienced ones, face on a regular basis. You just need to know how to spot them and what to do to overcome them. The discussed solutions will get you started in your extreme couponing journey.

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