Common Immigration Cases in the United States


As an immigrant in a foreign country, it is very important to abide by the immigration laws of the land. Immigrants find it somehow uneasy to be well informed about many of the immigration laws in the country mostly because they are new and they have no experience yet in the country. The implication of not abiding by the law of any country definitely attracts a case and sometimes severe penalty. Immigrants are very prone to deportation if they do not abide by the immigration laws. To avoid getting a severe penalty as a result of not abiding by an immigration law in the United States, you need to know the common immigration cases in the United States. Common immigration cases in the United States include:

Illegal change of residence – Before moving to a new country as an immigrant, it is expected of you to have a documented place where you will live during your stay in the country. In the United States, your residence as an immigrant is very important to be documented. A very common way by which immigrants go against their visa terms in the United States unknowingly is by moving away from the residence they registered in their documents without getting permission from the immigration authorities. It is not a crime to change residence as an immigrant in the country but taking such a step without notifying the necessary authorities will be seen as a breach of visa terms which will lead to one getting into a case with the United States immigration authorities.

Is it ESTA or VISA? Well, this will depend on your nationality. An ESTA is a document that is mainly for citizens of visa waiver program countries. You must submit ESTA here if you are eligible.

Crime – Immigrants are expected to be law-abiding as much as possible and stay away from crime. Crime gets everyone guilty of it charged with cases regardless of the position of such a person in the country, whether the person who committed the crime is an immigrant or a citizen of the country. Being an immigrant who got caught in a crime, you tend to face a bigger penalty. Immigrants who commit a crime can get deported if they lose the immigration case in worse cases. Common crimes that immigrants commit in the United States included:

  • Drug smuggling: thousands of immigrants get caught in drug-related crimes every year. According to statistics, 60 percent of the drugs that get into the United States are smuggled by immigrants from different parts of the world. A larger percentage of immigrants that get arrested and charged in the United States are charged for drug-related offenses.
  • Sex-related crimes: many immigrants that are found guilty of committing sex-related crimes in the country have been deported over the years. Sex-related crimes like rape, female exploitation, illegal prostitution, and so on lead to cases that may attract a severe penalty.
  • Traffic crime: it is very common among immigrants to break traffic laws. Most times, immigrants break traffic laws because they are not aware of such laws. Traffic crimes do not attract severe penalties unlike other crimes, but definitely, it gets one into the case which may make one face light punishment if such a case is lost.

 Information altercation and forgery – due to the strong wish of getting a US visa, many immigrants go through very illegal means to be eligible for the visa. One of the common illegal means by which immigrants make themselves eligible for the visa is through forging or alteration of information. Forging information is a very great immigration crime that has a high probability of getting immigrants deported. If any information is found not to be true, such an immigrant will have to go through a case with the immigration authorities while in detention at most times. If the case is lost, there is a very high probability of getting deported. Common information that immigrants forge includes:

  • Birth certificate: many immigrants do forge their birth certificate at a much younger or older age so that they can get favor from the visa interviewer or be eligible for some immigration programs like scholarships and so on.
  • School certificates: forging school certificates is another way by which some immigrants use to get themselves eligible for immigration favors. School certificates range from school leaving a testimonial, school leaving transcript, etc.
  • Fake bank statement: the statement of account is a very important document when applying for a United States visa. Some immigrants who do not have a statement of account that is eligible for visa application do forge a statement of account to get what they want in an illegal way.

One needs to stay away from forging information to be safe from deportation or other punishments in the United States.

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