Connect To Any WiFi Without A Password

WiFi Without A Password

Believe it or not but there is a way to connect to WiFi without knowing the password. Besides all the hoaxes and fake “tricks,” it turns out there is a legit way to use the wireless internet if for some reason you can’t enter the password.

To do this, you’ll need to to find a black push button at the back of the router under the label “WPS/FastLane.” Open the connection you are trying to log into on your smartphone and search for “WPS Push Button” option. Simply tap on this option and then tap the WPS/FastLane button on the back of your router, and voila!

This won’t work if you want to “hack” your way into someone’s router obviously. You have to sneak into your neighbor’s house all breaking and entering style and press that button for yourself! Yes, I know this won’t make you a hacker or very cool with your friends if you get caught in the act.


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