Cool Gear to Get When You Have All the Guns You Want


Owning a gun for safety comes with responsibility, and you must have the right training for using a weapon. Additionally, it is essential to use firearm gear and accessories to improve your shooting experience. Investing in the right firearm and gear will make owning a gun more thrilling and safer option. Alternatively, building your own AR-15 can be a rewarding experience and will teach you a ton about how your rifle functions. The upper receiver is a great starting point but this article is more about what you should get after your rifle is complete.

There are plenty of guns you can keep for home safety or practicing shooting, but having the right gear is essential too.  We have a few suggestions for weapon gear that every gun owner should have. We will mention gear for different kinds of guns in this article, so ensure that you check out the whole list, and you will find something for your weapon collection for sure.


Cool Gear to Get With Your Guns

Following are some of the best gun gear options for your gun collection to ensure your safety and others in the shooting range.


Do you have a SIG 320 in your collection? If yes, then you should also have the right accessories for it. The exoskeleton is the top pick for your SIG as it is a sign of innovation. The exoskeleton fits perfectly with your handgun ensuring that you have maximum control and precision over your weapon.

You can convert your pistol into an SBR kind of firearm whether you use a stock or a pistol brace on it. It is a multi-caliber exoskeleton for the Sig Sauer 320 and firearms with components including a magazine release, side assembly, and barrel. You can add and remove these parts quickly with this exoskeleton.

Visual Ammunition

Although tracer rounds are really cool, they can burn the targets and their surroundings. While this feature works best in combat mode, you don’t need it when you are practicing at a shooting range. Visual ammunition is the perfect solution if you want to avoid this hazard.

It is because the visual ammunition does not have incendiary that causes fire on impact. These rounds do not need burning metal to create light and do not generate heat, which makes them environment safe, especially when you cannot use the traditional traces.

The visual ammunition work best for military, law enforcement, and general users too. You can pair these tracers with your Glock and shoot them anytime you want without fear. Remember to focus and block out all distractions.

Bore Cleaner

Bore Boss is a great option for gun cleaning if you want to keep your weapon in top-notch condition. It is a self-storing, field-ready, easy feeding, and hassle-free bore cleaning, which makes weapon maintenance easy.

The wire piece comes with a phosphorus bronze brush and braided mops around the case. You can easily organize your cleaning tools without any hassle. All you need to do is flip, feed the wire, clip it, and then pull it out to clean. You can put it in your pocket or place it back in the packaging, making it the best option for cleaning the gun.

Pistol Red Dot Sights

9mm pistols are a top pick for most people who go to shooting ranges regularly. However, iron sights on these 9mm pistols are a thing of the past. Fortunately, you can add a red dot sight system to your 9mm weapon and improve its accuracy. Red dot sights are a great way to improve precision and increase the speed at which you can acquire your target.

Red dot sights are great for quick shooting, as you can shoot with both eyes open due to a short separation in between. Red dot sights will help you improve your target practice and enjoy a better shooting experience. Just make sure you choose the right one for the mount you will be using as different brands use different mounting patterns.

Hearing Protection

Protecting your ears is also important when you are at a shooting range. The Champion Vanquish series provides hearing protection like no other ear protective gear.

The initial models from the same brand turned out to be a hit, and this helped the company introduce newer models to the market. The hearing protection balances long-hour use and noise reduction to ensure your ears stay safe from loud shooting noises. You can also enjoy safe level sound compression, which refreshes at high rates. Additionally, this hearing protection has high-definition speakers that ensure you hear conversations clearly while canceling the other background noise.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is essential when practicing your aim, and you must have eye protection in your gear. In this case, Champion shooting glasses are a great option if you need complete safety. These glasses have 99% UV light protection that allows you to stay focused and shoot with more accuracy. They come in smoked lenses and comfortable limbs for maximum protection and safety and have a MIL-PRF-31013 ballistic rated make. All of these features make these protective glasses best for you.

Percussive Shooting Filters

Affordable and custom earplugs by Decibullz come with Percussive shooting filters. The original model works like traditional earplugs, meaning it covers up your ear space to minimize the amount of sound you hear. The newer model has advanced features as it detects peak sounds and suppresses them to safe hearing levels up to 31 dB. You won’t hear a thing when you have these shooting filters in your ears. They are easy to use, making them the perfect pick for you when you go to the shooting range the next time.

Having the right firearm gear can help you improve your shooting skills and get protection against unwanted accidents. You will find plenty of weapon gear options and categories, so ensure you compare the features of each product, whether you want to buy protective glasses, an exoskeleton, or other essential gear. We would love to help you choose your next gear and make your shooting experience safer.

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