Crafty Transformer Made a YU-GI-OH! Duel Disk Out of Cardboard


A new video walks you through making a GX-style duel disk out of cardboard, and it’s quite impressive. You can get the templates for free (A4 or Letter).

Now, there have been officially sold duel disk toys in the past to resemble the gadgets from different seasons, but they were always pricey and just didn’t feel the best. Plus, early versions didn’t work with card sleeves and so you’d end up tearing your cards up just by using it.

This cardboard version seems to be a little better and allows for much bigger customization. It is only cardboard after all. That means you could potentially mod the slots to better work with protective card sleeves. My only concerns are that you would have to hold it at certain angles to not have your deck and/or graveyard fall out. Plus, the design of a duel disk itself means you have to leave a section open if you use a Field Spell Card.

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