Creepy 100-Year-Old Ouija Board Was Found Buried Inside a Wall

Ouija Board

A construction worker was tearing open a wall in an old house when he found something terrifying: after removing the cover from a heating vent, he revealed the unmistakable markings of a vintage ouija board.

Apparently, a previous tenant had found it necessary to conceal the board where it would not be found. Their reasons for doing so may be unknown as of yet, but given the spooky reputation of the ouija — and the fact that this one was buried with the printing upside down — it’s entirely possible they were concerned for their own safety.

Ouija Board

That’s probably what the worker was thinking when he posted the image of his discovery to Reddit under username Falco_Columbarius. Based on the markings, some have estimated the board to be more than a century old, dating back to the ouija’s first huge wave of popularity as a mass-produced party game, also commonly marketed as “The Mysterious Talking Board” and “The Mystifying Oracle.” Since then, there have been countless reports of strange activity surrounding ouija boards and their owners who tried to use them to contact the spirit world.

What would you do if you found this board hidden inside your wall?

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