Customized Lamborghinis of Japan’s Underworld

“It’s not for the thrill,” Morohoshi-san says in the documentary. “My [bōsōzoku] is for the pursuit of being who I am.” His fascination with customized Lamborghinis started at 17, he says, when he saw — and heard — one of the Italian supercars for the first time. “I was mesmerized, and decided, then, that I would drive it no matter what it takes.” Details are slim on what kind of “gray area” activities Morohoshi-san and his “bad” friends do to make a living, but it’s clear that they express themselves through their outrageously blinged-out Lambos. Another Lamborghini fan caught up with Morohoshi-san — and his crew of customized supercars — earlier this year, and published a short video (bottom) with some of the latest designs on YouTube. The highlight? An eye-popping Lamborghini wrapped in a holographic vinyl film.

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