Dad Made This Pink Stormtrooper Costume For His Daughter

Pink Stormtrooper Costume

Jim Brock saw a post online that taught people how to make a Stormtrooper costume out of a children’s toy sold at Walmart.

Pink Stormtrooper Costume

“I make costumes so I figured it would be a fun project,” Brock told The Huffington Post.

Pink Stormtrooper Costume

The dad, who has made pretty remarkable Thor and Ironman costumes in the past, decided it would be the perfect thing for his 4-year-old daughter, Autumn, to wear to NWI Comic-Con in Schererville, Indiana, last week.

“I feel pretty good and proud,” he said. “I didn’t expect this kind of attention from it, I just hope my daughter enjoys it for future projects.”


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