Dangers Lurking on the Internet for Teenagers


Online abuse is becoming more common than most people would want us to believe. With more and more teens and tweens joining the various online social media platform to keep up with their friends, peers and celebrities, the number of creeps lurking online has doubled as well. It is because of such people that millions of people are subjected to such abuse every year and the number seems to keep on growing with time. While adults may be able to come out of such nefarious experiences unscathed, teenagers are affected by it drastically. Therefore, any concerned parents should know what to look for and what types of dangers might exist in such places.

Where Internet Abuse Takes Place?

Online abuse basically involves two factors, the place where it is most likely to happen and the people who are engaging in it. While one may view public chat rooms as the breeding ground for such things, online abuse usually takes place in places deemed relatively safe such as social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Instant Messaging, etc.

Using spy applications like TheOneSpy, one can definitely look into such platform and keep such things from ever happening to your teen before push comes to shove and it is too late to take hold of the situation. For this purpose, parents must know what to look for when they are dabbling with something as unpredictable as their teen’s wills and whims paired with the internet.

Types of Dangers Plaguing the Internet

  • Grooming

Remember how your parents use to tell you to never take candy from a stranger, no matter how nice he/she seems for the fear that he/she might abduct you and sell you into child prostitution, child trafficking, etc? Well, grooming is essentially the same thing minus the candy part. Grooming is made up of predators that prey on young impressionable teens online. They can pretend to be a teacher giving them a helping hand with homework, or a person with tons of life advice at disposal. Essentially they do anything and everything to earn a child’s trust before they call the child out to a meeting place with nefarious intentions. Parents can use spy apps to keep an eye on who is their child talking to online. This way, if someone is grooming them they’d know and be able to stop such transactions from occurring.

  • Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is fundamentally the extended form of bullying, except it does not require the bully to be physically present in order to do so. All they have to do is stay connected to their prey by the internet and they can torment the living daylight out of whomever they want. Additionally, cyberbullying is not limited to the social media alone today. Even though social media is responsible for increasing cyberbullying tenfold, it can also be done via emails, text messages, etc. With unlimited internet access that teens have today due to smartphone and similar devices, cyberbullying has increased to such a level where the victim more often than not contemplates suicide. If parents use spy apps to keep a digital eye on their child, they may be able to discover that their child is being cyberbullied and be able to do something about it before it’s too late.

  • Sexting

Unfortunately is a common phrase that most teenagers are more often than not affiliated with. This form of internet abuse, unlike grooming and cyberbullying, can result in criminal charges even if minors are included in the act. Additionally, the person distributing a photograph of a naked or semi-naked minor, even though they themselves were the one to take it as well as the one who has it saved on their phone or computer can both face charges for possession and distribution of child pornography. Such images if sent by your teenager can also result in harassment if the person such a picture was sent to shares it with other. Thus, consider using spy apps to keep an eye on the media files stored on your teen’s phone to make sure that they are not sexting anybody.

The Bottom Line

The internet is filled with predators, all of them looking for their next prey. In such a time and age, a parent’s sole weapon against such people is knowledge. Knowledge of what their teen is doing online and ways they can stop it from ever happening again. Spy apps can be of great service in this matter and every concerned parent should consider getting one. That would be one investment you wouldn’t be sorry that you made.


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