Dario Argento’s New Bloody Horror Thriller DARK GLASSES Trailer Released


I’m a huge fan of the Italian horror movies and murder thrillers that director Dario Argento made in the 70s and 80s. He made some amazing movies over the years and it is been over a decade since he made his last movie, Dracula 3D, but he’s back with a new movie that has the same dark theme as some of his earlier movies.

The movie is called Dark Glasses, and today we have the first teaser trailer for you to watch. The movie follows a serial killer who preys on prostitutes, check out the synopsis, which is loaded with all the story details:

In an almost deserted, summery Rome in the midst of a hypnotic solar eclipse, a mysterious serial killer starts targeting high-end prostitutes. Diana is one of them. In a desperate attempt to escape him, she becomes the victim of a serious car accident that leaves her blind. After a long period of rehabilitation, Diana learns that the only other survivor of the crash is a now-orphaned child of Chinese descent named Chin, and she decides to take care of him. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, the two connect via a special bond that allows them to defend themselves from the serial killer’s thirst for revenge.

Dario Argento returns to directing after a ten-year hiatus with a film that mixes the mood of Italian “giallo” pulp fiction in his early work with his legendary touch of horror, albeit this time with a dose of sharp irony thrown into the mix. Occhiali neri is a headlong dash between city and countryside that explores the social conflict between rich neighbourhoods and Rome’s so-called Chinatown. The maestro’s gaze transforms this nightmare into pure geometry, and the class war into the kind of metaphysical architecture reminiscent of Antonioni.

Dark Glasses will get an Italian release later this month. There is no date when it will be released in the U.S. Watch the trailer.

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