David Blaine Flying 24,900 Feet Attached To Balloons and Then Skydive Back To Earth

David Blain

David Blain did a death-defying ”Ascension” stunt this week, you can watch the full stunt below.

Blain hooks himself up to 52 helium balloons and drifts off into the sky until he reaches 24,900 feet. On his way up he pulls a parachute out from the balloons, straps it on, and then unhooks himself from the balloons and falls back to earth. At about 7000 feet he opened his chute and lands harmlessly on the ground.

Normal skydiving altitude is 10,000 feet. Tom Cruise’s HALO jump in Mission Impossible: Fallout was at 25,000 feet, and that was done with an oxygen mask and helmet.

David Blaine redefines magic once again for an unprecedented live event at a time when the world could use a positive distraction. Bringing wonder, hope and untethered possibility, David tackles his most ambitious and revolutionary feat yet.

This production was filmed in strict accordance with all CDC and OSHA Covid protocols and safety guidelines including testing, social distancing, use of PPE, quarantining, disinfecting and good hygiene practices.

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