DC Security Robot Apparently Committed Suicide By Drowning Itself in a Fountain

Knightscope K5

Truly an act of free will.

A Knightscope K5 — ran itself into a water fountain inside an office complex. No word on whether it survived its injury or why the incident occurred. I think that poor thing really hates its dull job.


The K5 is apparently prone to making headlines about things falling over. Earlier this year, a drunk man was arrested for knocking the K5 over, though the robot wasn’t always at the victim end of the spectrum after tripping up a toddler and coldly driving away last summer. The K5 was created to be used as a security patrol robot, standing at five feet tall and weighing 300 pounds. Its rocket-like shape and armless design make it difficult for it to get back up after falling over, but today’s fall straight into a fountain seems truly like an act of free will.


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